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Easy Overnight Oats - Three Yummy Recipes in One

Easy Overnight Oats - Three Yummy Recipes in One!

Overnight oats are an easy, convenient, delicious way to start your day. Ours are a step above the rest because we've created a brand new way to enjoy them: packed with prebiotic protein! In this blog we're bringing you three brand new mouthwatering ways to enjoy your oats: Caramel Carrot Cake, Blueberry Lemon and our one-of-a-kind PB & J recipe.  If you like healthy, filling recipes that take minutes to prepare - you're in the right place.  

They're a hearty breakfast, or a convenient snack!

Whether you make these for an evening treat or you're getting ahead of your breakfast scramble - not the egg kind - this recipe is a great time-saver.  I made three different versions, each bursting with flavor and packed with gut-healing prebiotic fiber thanks to Nutralean.  You can add your favourite low-sugar berries and/or spices and make tons of variations!  

Plus, this recipe works perfect with EVERY flavor of Nutralean!  Keep reading for some more yummy flavor suggestions below. Want in on the fun? Send your creations to! We'd love to see your unique overnight oat flavor combos.

The amazing power of protein

Start your day with a protein-packed meal whether it's in the form of a thick, creamy smoothie or in a tasty treat like this overnight oats recipe.  Our unique prebiotic protein powders: Nutralean and NutraVegan both blend in seamlessly into hot or cold meals.  We love making it easier to make sure you and your family get the healthy, safe protein and fiber that your body needs. If you aren't sure why protein is important, check out this page of ours here.

Plus, it's easy to stick to your healthy lifestyle when everything tastes like cheating! Seriously.  I made the PB & J overnight oats specifically for my cereal-loving fiance, and he was obsessed at the first taste!  He couldn't believe there was no added sugar and that I had snuck in some Vanilla protein!

It was definitely his favourite of the three I had prepared.  The next time I make it I'm excited to make it with Strawberry Nutralean and skip the jam. This way, I'll be able to reduce what little sugar is in the recipe this way!  Although I chose a no-sugar added jam, strawberries do have a naturally-occurring sugar, but thankfully our Strawberry Nutralean is made with organic strawberry flakes so you get the real, summer-like strawberry flavor without the extra sugar found in jams such as this.

Nutracelle's all-natural protein

One of the fun parts of our Nutracelle recipes is how easy it is to modify them for your family and with recipes this easy - kids of all ages can join you in making them.  The original recipe I set out to make was standard carrot cake overnight oats with added prebiotic protein thanks to Salted Caramel Nutralean.  I knew the recipe would be a hit because, well, who doesn't love carrot cake and adding that spin of caramel without any added sugar? A dream come true. The yummy, unmistakeable power of cinnamon shining through hints of carrot with the sweetness of raisin complimenting them both. 

Adding Nutralean (or NutraVegan) to your meals is beneficial for more than just the incredible power of protein mentioned above;  The prebiotic fiber is another huge reason to celebrate getting your daily scoops in!  Did you know that the food in your gut affects your hormones? That's the simple version of it, but it's true.  You can learn more about the effects food has on your gut in this video here.  Nutracelle products are especially unique because you will NOT find a protein that's sugar-free, truly nut-free and made in a nut-free facility that also features gut-healing prebiotic fiber.  

Easy Overnight Oats 


I recommend using this recipe as a meal-prep opportunity!  It's easy to double and triple the batch and it really only requires two bowls, plus whatever container you want to store your overnight oats in!  You can grab super cute matching sets at your local dollar stores.  I have quite a few of these handy glass jars with lids, so I like using them - they're stackable and store easily in the fridge.

I'm going to break each recipe down separately as I altered the ingredients slightly to match the flavors; scroll down to get the recipes for each in this order: Caramel Carrot Cake, Blueberry Lemon, PB & J... with a few bonus suggestions at the bottom (including the one I'm looking forward to). 


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone - It's Worth It!

One of the things that terrified me about trying overnight oats was I didn't have the nerve to admit: I wasn't sure the right way to eat them.  Do you heat them up? Eat them cold? Are they supposed to be that texture? Which oats do I buy? Etc, etc, etc.  The questions seemed simple and like I should already know the answer, so I just avoided the recipe all-together.  

I'm so glad I finally gave it a whirl, now my head is spinning with so many other flavor combinations to try, like:

  • Funky Monkey (Chocolate Nutralean or NutraVegan, fresh banana or banana extract, nut butter)
  • Cranberry Orange (Vanilla Nutralean, chopped dried cranberries, orange zest)
  • Berry Burst (Strawberry Nutralean, fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)
  • Morning Mocha (Coffee Mocha Nutralean, cocoa, sprinkle of cinnamon)

The options are endless! I'd love to hear what YOU make :). Like this recipe? You can check some of my other recipes out here! 

Thanks for reading!