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Sweet & Salty Sugar-Free Seed Clusters

Sweet & Salty Seed Clusters

The ultimate snack: sweet, salty, crunchy and hunger-satiating.  That's right! Thanks to Nutracelle's unique formula containing gut-healing prebiotic fiber, these protein-packed healthy snacks are guilt-free and filling.  They're the perfect treat for packing in picnic baskets, or enjoying on the couch in front of the air conditioner.
*Note* I made mine with nuts - this was a deliberate choice as we're not a nut-free household.  This recipe is photographed with nuts but is just as delicious with extra seeds and ingredients of choice!

Feel Full = Eat Less 

You can't deny the logic; If you feel full... you'll stop eating.  One of the common pieces of advice from healthy lifestyle promoters is how important it is to feel full. High-protein diets are highly successfully partially because of the satiety piece alone.  But if you've ever enjoyed potato chips, I think we all know 'full' isn't the only goal. The trick is staying full.  

Everyone has a limit they'll reach during a meal where they just can't eat anymore.  But what happens when in an hour when you're settled into your favourite TV show and you start thinking about snacks... you snack!


I'm not sure if you can relate, this moment would usually begin the cycle again of guilt/shame for me: "Why can't I stop snacking/eating," which would be closely followed by another promise to myself to stay on track, and a new game plan.  

We don't pretend to have the solution to quitting snacking - because we don't think the solution is to quit! Our solution is to make healthy, delicious, satisfying treats that are gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and the most important part: guilt-free! 

Thanks to Nutracelle, I no longer need a game plan - it IS my game plan. I just need to keep my favourite Nutracelle products on-hand and a few easy ingredients.

Don't underestimate the importance of ingredients

Having lived on a budget my whole life, I've never had the freedom to choose higher-quality ingredients when doing my grocery shopping.  I shop sales, I grab discounted products whenever I can, and I love a good coupon.  There's no shame in that, but it does make it harder sometimes to ensure you're always treating yourself right.  

Cheap, chemically-enhanced foods are always going to cost less... but that doesn't mean they save you money.  The next time you're grabbing your usuals at the grocery store, (or when placing your online order... shout out to grocery pick up options!) try taking a few extra minutes to compare the nutrition label of your usual products to both the more expensive brand, and the cheaper version.

You'll be surprised at how different the labels are, and what big manufacturing companies are willing to put into the foods they're selling us.

We all deserve a better way. We deserve safe, healthy nutrition that won't put our allergen-ridden loved ones at risk.  No one should have to worry about their food killing them... whether you're allergic, obese, intolerant, or simply just shopping on a budget.

Here at Nutracelle, we're proud to put you first.  We choose only the highest-quality ingredients that are gluten-free, tree nut-free, and peanut-free all through our supply chains to ensure your safety.  Our products are made in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, home of some of the safest food regulations in the world.

To learn more about our the ingredients we chose for you, check out our interactive ingredients page found here.

Sweet & Salty Sugar-Free Seed Clusters

    This recipe is SO versatile!


    The only thing I love more than healthy, high-protein, high-fiber treats like these sweet & salty clusters is a recipe that I can turn into OTHER recipes - without extra work or ingredients!

    Once I nailed the formula for these clusters, I instantly went to work figuring out how to turn one recipe into two.  The solution was simple: granola bars!  They're easy to pack, can use any of your favourite seeds, nuts, and other ingredients... and they make perfect lunch treats. (For the big kids AND the little kids!)

    Simply double the recipe and press it into a parchment-lined dish (you choose the depth you want, i.e: a deeper dish = thicker bars).  For this variation, I'd recommend lightly chopping the seeds & nuts and subbing in some unsweetened coconut.

    Chill overnight and top with your favourite low-sugar chocolate topping! (I melted dark chocolate, heavy cream, coconut oil, and some Chocolate NutraVegan).

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