August 15, 2018 4 min read

Hi everyone!

Well, I've been sitting here thinking of what to write about and I thought that I'd just talk about my week.

It's been the second week that the scales haven't moved.

They are stuck... or maybe it's me who's stuck. When August rolled around, I took on the challenge to be more active. I promised myself I would do some sort of activity for 30 minutes every day this month. Well the first week went by and with temperatures in the 30's and high humidity, this chick wasn't budging through the door to go for a walk. It took all my time to sit in front of the fan and let the sweat dry. Seriously, I was tired from not sleeping because it was too hot at night and was waking in the morning feeling unrested. No energy, just "blah".

This past few days has seen a big drop in the humidity here and I figured it was time to get moving. I literally had to push myself out the door the first day. When it comes to exercise getting started is the hardest part. I managed to push through my allotted 30 minutes and walked for 40! I was quite impressed with myself as that had been the longest walk I've done in longer than I care to admit. On Friday it rained but by now I was committed afresh to do some form of exercise for 30 minutes, so I hit my YouTube dance music playlist. I felt kind of silly closing my living room curtains in the middle of the day but hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. The neighbours really didn't need to see the train wreck that was me dancing anyway - Hahahaha!!

I felt extremely self conscious as I started moving my body in time with the music, but after the first couple of minutes, "Stella got her groove on" and I started dancing like nobody was watching! With every song that played, I felt more confident and started remembering some of the aerobic moves I used to do back in my YMCA days. I remember all those years ago doing these aerobic dance moves and just feeling my body respond to the exercise. You probably won't believe this, but I actually completed a Level 1 fitness instructors’ course back then. I was in the best shape of my life.

So here I was dancing, alternating with some arm, chest and leg exercises! Once I started dancing, I couldn't stop. 30 minutes had passed by but I kept on moving! I danced my "butt" off for 45 minutes that day! On Saturday, another Nutra-buddy invited me to go check out a few yard sales with her and her daughter! We had a great morning treasure hunting and before I knew it, 3 hours had passed by! 3 months ago, I never would have had the stamina for 3 hours of running about like that. I feel more energized than I have in years.

This morning I managed my longest walk to date: 45 minutes! I've also dusted, vacuumed, and steam cleaned my floors, among other things, after my walk. I can’t believe the difference that my healthy lifestyle and exercise has made in just 4 short days. My energy level is through the roof, I'm in such a good mood these days AND I feel stronger mentally as well as physically. Sometimes I just amaze myself!

You know, the human body was meant for movement. We are not meant to live sedentary lives. I've been slowly overcoming some of my limitations in regards to exercising. Having Psoriatic Arthritis in my feet has kept me sidelined for a long time. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and upper spine plus I deal with Sciatica almost daily. If you have any mobility issues, start slowly. We all have to start somewhere and a little movement each day is better than none at all.

Exercising your body improves your balance, your posture, it helps strengthen your bone structure and keeps your internal organs working optimally. When your insides are working properly, it shows on the outside! Along with diet, exercise is the key to health and vitality!

I'm in my 3rd month of using Nutracelle's Nutralean protein powder and I have to say, its the cleanest, low carb, low sugar, nut free, gluten free, high fiber and high protein on the market. Adding exercise to my Nutracelle regimen is going to help me succeed in getting my health back on track and getting the weight off, finally!
I'm totally committed to this produc . You also get so much more from Nutracelle than just a box in the mail every month (or 2). You also meet an amazing group of people just like you who have struggled with their weight as well. We share recipes and lifestyle tips and the Nutratalk Support Group goes a long way in helping keep you motivated, encouraged and accountable! I love the fact that you can call their toll-free number and actually talk to a live person for any concerns you may have. Tracy is always ready to lend a hand!

Every week I like to share a recipe of some of the yummy food I've made using this amazing product. One of my favourite things so far are the Protein Wraps or Crepes. You can make these either sweet or savoury. I love using them for Quesadillas. They are so delicious and so filling!! Check out the recipe here.

I'm including a couple of photos of the ones I made and I can’t wait to make these again!!

Well, that's it for this week friends! I hope I've inspired and motivated you to get your body moving. Motivating YOU motivates ME! We are all in this together!!
See you all again next week!


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