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Spring Cleaning: 5 Reasons to Have Nutracelle in Your Pantry

Spring Cleaning: 5 Reasons to Have Nutracelle in Your Pantry

The spring season is in full swing and you know what that means: spring cleaning! Although there are many changes in the world right now, this year is no different. In fact, spring cleaning this year may be evenmoreimportant than usual! 

We know everyone has their own favorite way to tackle house projects and to-do lists, but we want to offer our expertise in one area: the kitchen! Read on for our #1 tip for spring cleaning (particularly in your pantry) and why. 

Always have Nutracelle’s protein powder on hand! 

Prebiotic Fiber

Nutralean and NutraVegan protein powders are unique in that they contain a prebiotic fiber:acacia gum. This prebiotic fiber supports your immune system and gut, assists your body in nutrient absorption, and promotes a full feeling with slowed digestion. In addition, the fiber in Nutralean and NutraVegan is a key component in weight loss! Plus, fiber may reduce risk of some diseases. 


Pantry staples are called staples for a reason: they’re items you always have in the cabinet, and are likely shelf stable for significant periods of time. Nutralean and NutraVegan each have shelf lives of up to two years, making them great options to add to your “pantry staples” shelf! 


The Natural Nutralean protein powder takes the cakes when it comes to versatility. With no flavor and a smooth texture, adding Natural Nutralean is like adding a boost of protein, vitamins, and minerals without even knowing it! Check out all the recipes we’ve used this protein powder inhere. Each of the other flavors of Nutralean have identical consistency, and are delicious in meals or simply mixed with water! Vanilla and Chocolate NutraVegan protein powders offer the same all natural ingredients, with plant-based proteins. Take a look through all our recipes on ourmain recipe page


Nutracelle was created as a solution to a mother’s need for an allergy-friendly protein powder made with high quality, all natural ingredients. To this day, theallergy-friendly nature of all Nutracelle products sets us apart from others in the industry. All products are peanut free, tree nut free, and gluten free, and our facilities are also completely peanut and tree nut free! We’redeeply committed to providing healthy, nutritious options for those with allergies! 

We wish you luck in your spring cleaning adventures and are excited for you to stock up on your favorite flavor(s) of our Nutralean and NutraVegan protein powder to have in your pantry! Share how you’re tackling spring cleaning at your house and stay connected with us onFacebook,  Twitter,  Instagram or ourNutraTalk Support Group