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How to Make the BEST Keto Fried Chicken

This light and crispy chicken recipe is better than take-out and is ready WAY sooner, too.  That's a pretty bold claim to make, but stay with me - I won't let you down.  Lightly coated in Natural Nutralean and a handful of common household spices, this chicken takes finger-lickin'-good to a whole new level.   

Which oil is the best for frying?

While olive oil is a tasty oil that gives most recipes a flavourful boost, it's surprisingly not the best oil for frying chicken.  Aside from just the cost, olive oil has a low smoke point which risks your chicken ending up with a somewhat-bitter flavour.  When frying you always want to choose an oil with a high smoke point such as avocado oil, canola oil, or even sunflower oil.

Frying with oil can be dangerous - be careful.  I remember growing up and often hearing of the dangers of began deep-frying with oils on a stovetop burner.  It was something that was saved specially for restaurants to do for our family. Now that I have my own family, and control of the kitchen ;) , I've been gleefully trying the recipes I grew up somewhat anxious about.  This time: fried chicken

I've made this recipe probably about a dozen times, and each time I try something different. I've used many different spice combinations and coating methods.

At the end of the day though, I'm happy to announce that the best chicken I've made is also the easiest recipe with the fewest ingredients and the easiest steps! No egg, no flour, just our allergen-friendly protein and spices!

Thanks to Natural Nutralean this chicken is crispy, spiced just the way you like it, and has that same satisfying first-bite crunch that makes you want to cook it again, and again.  

Tips and Tricks for perfect fried chicken

Just like the other guys, I want to give you a bit of advice before I get to the recipe.  I know many of you probably scroll thinking you're not here for a back story, you're just here for a recipe -- but seriously, the tips and tricks I've learned from other recipes have been some of the key changes I've made to create my own masterpieces!  They're helpful, I promise.  

  • Don't leave your chicken battered for too long before frying it.  The batter will soak in a bit, and this may lead you to thinking you should dip 'em again and then fry them.  This will still be tasty, but the texture will be a bit different.  Prep your oil ahead of time and when it's ready, I'd recommend battering each piece and then putting them in to cook one after another.
  • Don't cook with your oil too hot! You want it to sizzle when you drop a sprinkle of the coating in, but if it's too hot you'll cook the outside breading too fast and the inside will need more time. If the bubbles are too much, it's too hot - cool it down before frying.
  • Use a resting rack.  We grabbed ours from the local dollar store and it's made a huge difference in the result of our chicken.  Once I remove it from the oil I leave it on the resting rack for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use a meat thermometer or do the 'cut check' - aka take one wing/thigh out when you think they're done and cut it open.  If it doesn't look cooked fully, put it back in the oil with the cut side facing down. This create a unique crunch down the center of your wing, too.  Secret win!
  • Kitchen gadgets I'd recommend for this recipe: tongs, splatter screen (no one likes hot oil), resting rack, deep wok or pot.
  • The MOST important step in my opinion:  if you're new to the frying game like I was, there's no harm in doing a test piece.  Just like dying your hair, ladies, the recommendation is to do a test before you commit to all of it. Take one wing, or thigh, coat in the batter and cook it solo to get to know how long it takes per piece, what the oil will do, and how to fry safely.  There's no chicken yummy enough to risk a fire (don't quote me on that though).

Nutralean Fried Chicken


    I'd also recommend making a variety of your own wing dips/sauces to go with these bad boys.  It'll feel like eating out, but be way, way tastier... and healthier!  

    Not a fan of dips? No problem, you can squeeze a bit of fresh lemon on top of your fried chicken too.

    Whichever way you do it, I'm sure it'll be delicious.  Take photos and tag @Nutracelle on instagram or Facebook to be featured in our feed! We LOVE seeing all of your guys' yummy creations.

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