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No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Cornflake Squares

No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Cornflake Squares

Whether you follow a plant-based lifestyle or you just enjoy delicious no-bake recipes, we have a treat for you.  Made with rich, mouthwatering Chocolate NutraVegan and gluten-free cornflakes, this recipe is a healthy, allergen-friendly (nut-free!) treat that's bound to satisfy any chocolate craving.  

A Shocking New Family Favourite

I'm proud to say this recipe is a new favourite in our household.  Not only did I love them, (I'm a little biased, after all... I did create the recipe), but my fella and his daughter did, too.  Justin said they were his new favourite treat and was surprised to find out they were made with our plant-based protein, NutraVegan

The chocolate on top solidified like milk chocolate, but thanks to Chocolate NutraVegan and a few common sugar-free ingredients... these sweet treats are sugar-free, nut-free, and even better: guilt-free.

If you know someone following a plant-based lifestyle or even just someone with allergies, send them this recipe! They deserve to spoil themselves with mouthwatering, tastes-like-cheating snacks like these no-bake chocolate protein squares.

Chocolate NutraVegan

When we launched Chocolate NutraVegan, we had no idea how fast it was going to become everyone's new favourite plant-based protein.  Popularity grew so fast, in fact, we promptly needed different containers and a larger product run.  We sold out almost immediately with our initial batch.  It's no surprise, though, considering how unique it is.

After all, it's insanely delicious, blends perfectly into both hot and cold liquids, foods, and more.  Plus, as you can see in this recipe -- you can use it to make mouthwatering treats that are packed with nutrient-dense plant-based protein and gut-healing prebiotic fiber.  Free from the top 14 allergens - our NutraVegan product line is the safest, most delicious prebiotic protein in existence.

Learn more about Chocolate NutraVegan and our other plant-based products here. 

We Love Sharing With the Kids

Since focusing on our healthy journey is always a priority, we wanted to make sure to always include Justin's daughters, too. It's important to us that we all eat together as a family.  Those times are so special to both of us, and it can be somewhat challenging when everyone has different food anxieties or preferences.  One of my favourite thing about our NutraVegan line is that we've already developed a kid-friendly design.

After all, we're no strangers to the struggles of convincing a kiddo to try something new... especially if it's healthy.  Save yourself the hassle and check out our NutraKid line! Psst... we'll be adding to it soon too! 

Kids Need Prebiotic Fiber, Too!

A recent study posted by the University of Calgary was published recently detailing a recent study in connection with childhood obesity and the power of prebiotic fiber. 

After taking the prebiotic supplement for four months, the children in the study — who ranged from seven to 12 years old — lost body fat, including fat around their abdomen, which increases the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, according to the the U of C.  Children who took the prebiotic fibre supplement for 16 weeks obtained an almost normal rate of weight gain, similar to what would be observed in a healthy, growing child. Children who were given a placebo continued to gain weight almost three times faster than they should have for a child of their age and gender.

Melanie said it best when she spoke recently on a live presentation (thank you again to the Central Ontario WLS Community and Janet specifically for having us) saying that when you're trying to help your children be healthy... the message you want to spread is, "You can't have this. But your sister can."

Thanks to the prebiotic fiber in our NutraVegan for Kids, everyone can enjoy delicious, healthy, guilt-free treats and yummy filling smoothies.  Imagine handing your child a sugar-free glass of chocolate milk that not-only helps produce healthy bacteria and build a healthy gut flora, but also ensures your little superhero feels mentally, physically and emotionally powerful. 

To learn more about our prebiotic fiber, check this article out.

This Recipe Uses Gluten-Free Cornflakes

Having a gluten sensitivity, I thought it was incredibly cool to discover that there's a surprising variety available for gluten-free cereals.  Not the healthiest of choices, when I created this recipe I wanted to make sure I respected my keto lifestyle as much as possible.  Traditionally, I stay below 20g of net carbohydrates per day, but needless to say - one of these squares certainly had me adjusting my daily allocation.  It was a sacrifice I was happy to make, these squares are insanely good.

I would recommend looking for the crunchiest gluten-free cereal available to you, or if you're okay with gluten - just any cornflake cereal would work! 

No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Cornflake Squares

These hearty squares took no time at all to make, and were ready-to-eat just minutes after being put in the freezer.  I used Walden Family Farm's sugar-free syrup and almond butter in my recipe.  You can use your favourite pseudo peanut butter, whether it's sunflower butter, almond butter, etc. 

When I made these the first time, I eye-balled the amount of cocoa vs NutraVegan in the top mixture.  You can add less cocoa and more NutraVegan if you prefer a higher-protein and higher-fiber treat. I also recommend not letting the warm chocolate sit too long on the bottom mixture as the coconut oil melts quite fast. 

    I hope you give this recipe a try and let us know what you think! I know I'm already planning on making another round and freezing them for on-the-go chilled, healthy vegan snacks.

    My Other Vegan Obsession

    Have I mentioned lately how incredible our Nutramin Vitamin Gummies are?  Seriously.  Every time I take them I have to scold myself for sneaking an extra.  They taste like the freshest, softest, yummiest gummy candy... and I am a sucker for a good gummy.  However, unlike the store-bought candy you're imagining, these are sugar-free, soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and more! 

    I was never very good at 'remembering' to take my other vitamins.  The truth is: I didn't actually forget that often, I was just incredibly uninterested. By the time I remembered to take them, they weren't worth the effort of going to the cupboard.  Previously bland and gross, my vitamins were not a highlight in my day, to say the least.

    Now though, I get excited when I realize I haven't taken them for the day.  They're almost like a treat!  The healthy side effects make it worth that, and more.  I sleep better, my hair is healthier, my nails grow faster, and my skin is clearer.

    If you haven't tried 'em, I highly recommend you do.  

    Shop Vitamins Here.