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Slow Cooker Crack Chicken & 3 Yummy Ways to Eat It

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken & 3 Yummy Ways to Eat It


If 'crack chicken' is a new term, you may be tilting your head just a bit.  It gets its name from how insanely addicting it is. But what IS it? The gist of it is: chicken, cream cheese, Ranch dip mix, and a nice, slow cook to ensure your chicken comes out falling apart and saturated in cream cheese. It's the tastiest, creamiest, most-versatile chicken recipe I've ever made, and it gets in even better with Natural Nutralean thrown into the mix. In this blog I'll show you three of my favourite ways to enjoy and give you the easy, three-ingredient recipe so you can start planning yours.

Meal prep has been the key to my success

I'm a night eater, which means if I haven't planned ahead - I'm almost guaranteed to crave something unhealthy in the evenings.  I love snuggling in with a good book or binge-watching a new series on Netflix and having a tasty snack to munch on.  Since learning about how harmful sugar is,  (HYPERLINK) I've been extremely conscious of what I put into my body, so my evening snack routine has definitely seen some changes.

Instead of potato chips and dip, I now enjoy cheese chips and protein dip. Instead of candy, I enjoy cheesecake balls.  Instead of sugar-filled cookies and brownies, I make healthy Nutra-fied versions that are allergen-friendly and free of toxins like sugar.  If I don't have them prepped ahead of time, though, I'm risking a snaccident.  That's why I love staying ahead of my meal-prep game.

This hearty and wholesome crack chicken makes meal prep easy! 

I always make a double batch, it freezes well and holds flavour perfectly. I recommend choosing some spices ahead of time, making the base recipe in this blog, and having multiple flavours on-hand!  

Some of my favourites combinations are: herb & garlic, spicy (cayenne, paprika, chilli powder), curry (either 'curry' powder, or a homemade blend of spices), and fajita/taco.  If you have a favourite flavour combination, I'd love to hear it! Send me an e-mail at and I'll feature you in my next blog!

Here are three of my favourite ways to enjoy this recipe:

  • 7-Layer Nacho Dip - we LOVE nacho dip.  I like creating new mixtures every time, but the crack chicken is a part of every one.  It makes for a more-filling nacho base thanks to the prebiotic fiber in our Natural Nutralean.  I always mix with ranch dip mix before spreading the crack chicken in the bottom of an oven-safe pan. You can use whatever nacho veggies you like, but I prefer to with salsa, diced peppers, onions, and cheese and crumbled bacon -- it bakes into a healthy, keto, protein-packed dip.  I recommend using our protein chip recipe to make healthy chips, or simply dipping chopped veggies into it.


  • Stuffed Peppers - this is our newest addition to the menu. In my pepper recipe (coming soon), I stuff halved peppers with crack chicken that's been spiced with paprika, a touch of cayenne, black pepper and seasoning salt, diced red peppers, onion, and old cheddar cheese.  These baked in a toaster oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and drool-worthy.  Enjoy with a side of asparagus or a salad!

  • On its own or as a topper - when you follow a keto lifestyle, you get used to eating some strange combinations of things.  I absolutely love creating a charcuterie board of goodies with my crack chicken, chopped veggies, deli meats, cheese and pickles!  I also put it on a bed of salad and add my favourite peppers. onion, and some Parmesan.

Natural Nutralean blends into this recipe perfectly

I love adding Natural Nutralean to, well, everything that I can!  It's easier to find things you *can't* add it to, it's so versatile.  I add it in during the last step of my crack chicken, and it instantly makes the mixture thicker and creamier.  Aside from the taste benefits, adding Natural also makes this hearty recipe even more filling thanks to the unique formula we've created featuring prebiotic fiber.

Before learning the astounding benefits of prebiotic fiber and protein, I'd made this one-pot recipe many times... but it wasn't nearly as satiating and hearty. 

Adding Natural Nutralean takes it to the next level, and I love how guilt-free that is.  Usually when you take something to the next level, you're adding unhealthy additives (syrups, sprinkles, icing, etc).  

With Natural Nutralean, you get to make your recipes even tastier AND healthier. It's unflavored and the powder is incredibly fine, allowing it to seamlessly blend into your sauces, mixes, salads, and more.  

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken 

This recipe doesn't require a slow cooker, it's just much easier to make it that way.  I mean, who doesn't love throwing the ingredients into one pot, hitting a button and forgetting about it for 4-6 hours? I know I sure do.  

    My favourite recipes to make with Natural Nutralean

    I love how easy it is to bake with Natural Nutralean.  I've never been much of a baker, but it gives me confidence knowing that I can make some pretty tasty dishes that seem way harder than they are!

    • I make this coconut bread recipe often in mini-loaf pans.  They make the best grilled cheese sandwiches. SO tasty, and so filling!
    • I also love love love this pizza crust recipe.  I've made jalapeno popper pizza, breakfast pizza, and homemade garlic fingers using it!
    • And finally, our protein chip recipe made with our 3-ingredient crepes.  We're big fans of nachos and nacho dip around here (as mentioned in this recipe), and making my own nacho chips with protein powder has been one of the many ways I've stayed on track and managed to lose over 130 lbs.

    I hope you love this gluten-free slow cooker crack chicken recipe as much as our family does! Let me know how you chose to enjoy it, and what spices you used! I'm always excited to try new recipes.

    Thanks for reading