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Protein Quick Oats Made Healthier (and Even More Delicious!)

Healthier Quick Oats

If your kids are like my son, Raine, they probably LOVE quick oats for breakfast before school.  This week on Protein Treats, I'll show you how I take Raine's breakfast and boost the yummy & the healthy start to his day with Vanilla Cream Nutralean

Less Than 2 Minutes for a Healthy Breakfast!

It takes less than two minutes, is ridiculously tasty, and the best part? It's packed with 100% Canadian-made whey protein and prebiotic fiber

Start your family's day off right with the ideal breakfast created for brain function, gut flora repair, and of course... happy taste buds! 

boy eating oatmeal or porridge for breakfast

The Easiest Protein Breakfast Hack!

Today I'm going to show you a super easy hack that I do for my son, Raine in the mornings. 

Now, I don't eat don't oatmeal because it's too high in carbs for me but for lots of folks out there, oatmeal is a really great, healthy breakfast. 

Easy Oatmeal with Keurig and Nutralean Prebiotic Protein

In the mornings I add one scoop of Vanilla Cream Nutralean to his instant oatmeal. I actually use my coffeemaker machine!

One Scoop Vanilla Nutralean!

You need literally two ingredients: Your Vanilla Cream Nutralean and some instant quick oats. That's it! So let's put this together. 

vanilla cream nutralean scoop bowl oatmeal quick oats porridge 


Two Simple Ingredients

You need literally two ingredients: Your Vanilla Cream Nutralean and some instant quick oats. That's it!

I start out with half a cup here of quick oats and I just put it right into the bowl. While it's still dry I add in my scoop of vanilla. Then I put it in my Keurig and I set it to the 4 ounce setting. 

Hit brew and just like that - I have healthy, protein and fiber-packed oatmeal!

Give it a quick mix with a spoon or a fork and breakfast is ready!


Time to Switch it Up!

You can add fresh fruit like your berries strawberries blueberries you can add some cinnamon. I've even put in some put some sugar-free chocolate chips in there for Raine.

You can also make it with any of our delicious flavours, from Chocolate Dream to Salted Caramel , even Strawberry to make breakfast good and super easy. 

It's a great way to make sure that your kids are off to a healthy and nutritious morning. There you go! Another super easy hack to make breakfast a breeze! 

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