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Low Sugar DIY Starbucks White Chocolate Protein Frappuccino

Low Sugar DIY Starbucks White Chocolate Protein Frappuccino

Coffee & chocolate - what goes better together? This White Chocolate Frappuccino will blow your mind... NOT your weight loss goals! This creamy, delicious shake will make your taste buds dance when it hits your tongue.  High in Nutracelle's 100% whey protein, prebiotic fiber, and low in sugar means this shake is your dream come true.  Nutracelle's Coffee Mocha is one of the most popular flavors around.  Perfect on its own, but even more delicious when you pair it with sugar-free white chocolate.  Coffee lovers, chocolate lovers... UNITE.  You'll even get your caffeine fix in so you'll be feeling awesome all day.  Have it for breakfast, lunch, supper or just as a pick-me-up, the choice is yours! Your friends will be dying to taste it!  Be careful though, they'll probably just run away with it... it's SO yummy!! When you can lose weight fast with delicious shakes like this, it won't even feel like a "diet" -- because it's NOT! Nutracelle is all about taking the things you love and making them better for you.  You never have to give up anything... white chocolate Frappuccino's, pizza, cake, cookies... you can have it all AND lose weight!



  1. Combine and blend!

Recipe makes 2 servings