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Blueberry Protein Ice-Cream

Thick & Creamy Keto Blueberry Protein Ice-Cream

Guilt-Free & Delicious!

Not only is this thick, creamy, delicious Keto Blueberry Protein Icecream recipe ridiculously easy, but it's also low in sugar, packed with 100% Canadian whey protein, and boosted with prebiotic fiber from the acacia tree to keep you feeling full for longer. Made with the ideal protein for weight loss, feeling full, and stabilizing sugars -- our recipes are perfect for even the pickiest of eaters. The only truly nut-free protein powder in existence, Nutralean is perfect for making yummy recipes that are healthy AND safe. Gluten-free, soy-free, and artificial-sweetener free, you can't go wrong.

What Makes Nutracelle Different?

Aside from being super delicious, Nutracelle is your leading choice for all-natural, healthy protein powders.  Not only are we the ONLY nut-free protein powder made in a truly nut-free and gluten-free factory, but we're also completely family-friendly and perfect for even the pickiest eater.

A product you can trust

You can pat yourself on the back for feeding your family a high-quality protein that's packed with gut-healing prebiotic fiber from the acacia tree.  Learn more about our prebiotic fiber and all of the incredible benefits in our article found here.

Strawberry Nutralean

Made with real, mouth-watering organic strawberry flakes, our Strawberry Nutralean is the burst of summer you didn't know you were missing.  

Enjoy as a deliciously silky-smooth shake or try it in easy pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Makes perfect ice cream too!

Shake, Bake, Blend!

With Nutracelle's unique formula, you can use your Strawberry protein powder to make insanely yummy treats that are 100% guilt-free and family-friendly.  Find more recipes here.

Superfruit PUREe: Wild Blueberry

We were SO excited to use this incredible blueberry puree in our new recipe.  Made right here in PEI (just like us!) this keto-friendly blueberry puree is so insanely delicious, Melanie's kids even love it on their pancakes as syrup!

To learn more, check out their website found here.

Homemade Blueberry Protein IceCream

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