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Christmas No Bake Energy Balls

Christmas No Bake Energy Balls

There may be snow on the ground, but the only snowballs my family wants me to make are these delicious treats!


  • 1 Cup | Coconut Milk (Full Fat)
  • 1 Cup | Vanilla Nutralean
  • 1 Cup | Dried Unsweetened Coconut


  1. Pour the milk, protein, and coconut into a mixing bowl & stir
  2. **Have some coconut milk and dried coconut set aside for dipping!
  3. Take a small amount, roll it, and plop it into the dried coconut until thoroughly covered.

Please Note: Depending on how dry your coconut is, you may need to add more dry ingredients or more coconut milk - just adjust it until you get a consistency you can form into balls.

If they're too dry, dip them in the coconut milk before dipping into the dried coconut!

Recipe makes 48 balls


xo Melanie
Melanie Wildman
Melanie Wildman


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Shireen Kassam
Shireen Kassam

May 15, 2018

Any alternatives to using coconut flour for all of these recipes? I’m allergic.

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