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Crispy Low Carb Protein Waffle Bowls

Crispy Low Carb Protein Waffle Bowls

Everyone knows the best part about ice-cream is the waffle bowl! Or the ice-cream. No, the bowl! Definitely the bowl! Crunchy, sweet deliciousness filled with a yummy, cold, creamy dessert? No, you're not in Heaven... you're just rocking the Nutracelle lifestyle. These incredibly easy, three-ingredient waffle bowls are the perfect pair to your sugar-free ice-cream that will keep you cool all summer AND help you lose the weight you want, fast! Don't risk it and save your dessert for last because this treat will keep you full for hours. These delectable crunchy bowls will give you that satisfying crisp texture, especially when used as a scoop for creamy, mouth-watering protein ice-cream. We'll let you decide which flavor of ice-cream to use! Psst... they're ALL scrumptious! Ready in minutes, these waffle bowls are low in sugar, high in protein and fiber -- something the whole family can enjoy.