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Beautiful Baked Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Beautiful Baked Blueberry Protein Pancakes

What could possibly be better than healthy pancakes? Uh, healthy blueberry skillet pancakes of course! We know you're busy enough, so we've simplified this deliciously incredible recipe so your cook time is cut in half! These oven-baked, fluffy, scrumptious pancakes are packed with Nutracelle's ideal protein for weight loss, plus tons of prebiotic fiber for optimal gut health.  You and your family will have more energy, be full for hours and feel great knowing you've put your health first. Did we mention how insanely yummy this skillet recipe is?  Plus, it's like eating cake for breakfast.  Who doesn't want cake for breakfast? Lose weight with the food you love every single day thanks to Nutracelle's Nutralean and Protein Treats.  Let us know how yours turn out in the comments below!

xo Melanie