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Low Carb Sugar Free Coconut Protein Bread

Low Carb Sugar Free Coconut Protein Bread

Protein Treats has done it again. We're so excited to present this super yummy, filling coconut bread recipe. On top of being one of the best tasting low-carb bread out there, this incredible recipe is also the easiest one you'll find! Not only is this bread delicious, but it'll help you lose weight and feel amazing.

Your whole family will love it! What more could you ask for? You know, other than having bread that's healthy! Forget everything you've heard about a low-carb diet, with Nutracelle you can still have all the mouth-watering foods you love... including toast. Yes, toast!

Imagine yourself sitting down with a slice of homemade bread, slathered in butter and topped with your favourite low-sugar strawberry jam. Now imagine yourself doing this while LOSING WEIGHT! Try this easy recipe and let us know what your favourite topping is on your coconut bread!