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Five Easy Ways To Add Protein

Five Easy Ways To Add Protein

We've all been there:

Suddenly it's 7:00 PM on a Tuesday, and you're just getting in the door. The kids are hangry aka hungry and cranky, and you forgot to take something out earlier for dinner. You open the pantry and scan for something quick and healthy...ish. You know you promised yourself that starting last week every meal would be healthy, but, at this point the idea of a fully balanced meal is out the same window that kid #1 is smearing his dirty hands all over. Kid #2 is - wait, where IS kid #2?! You hear a battle cry from a room down the hall, followed by the sound of multiple toys being thrown on the floor... again.

You frantically grab the closest thing from the pantry because the only thing standing between bedtime and now is the moral responsibility to feed the demons. Looks like it's macaroni & cheese tonight. The kids erupt in a joyous cheer - of course, they're happy - there won't be a vegetable in sight.

Does this sound familiar? We know it probably does... maybe a little? Maybe a lot? It's okay; we get it. That's why we have Natural Nutralean. Get back to your pantry and pull out that 908g bag of magical powder. After all, it's your ticket out of guilts-ville. Natural Nutralean is our completely unflavored prebiotic protein. With 30g of whey protein per serving, and an amazing 10g of prebiotic fiber per serving... you can take those unhealthy options and rest easy knowing you conquered two battles that evening: you fed the beasts, and you fed them protein and fiber. Bedtime is another story, sorry -- we don't have a flavor to help you with that (though we hear the colour 'red' in liquid-form and a fancy glass helps!)

Why Natural Nutralean?

  1. 41 grams of protein that weren't there before
  2. 14 grams of prebiotic fiber to help them feel full and extend protein absorption. (The longer it takes to absorb - the better!)
  3. It doesn't change the taste! Your kids will have no idea that their mac & cheese is healthier than it usually is.
  4. It makes it creamier.  Your regular mac & cheese will come out creamier than usual.  

Check out this week's Protein Treat's video above to see even MORE awesome tips & tricks from Melanie.  Your Natural Nutralean is like a secret weapon - you can really put it in everything!

5 Easy Meals to Add Protein to! (Featured in the video):

  1. Mac & Cheese
  2. Egg Salad 
  3. Tuna Salad
  4. Caesar Salad Dressing
  5. Hamburger Stew

Your options aren't limited to these five meals, of course!  We suggest keeping your bag of Natural on your counter and in plain sight at all times. 

Our challenge to you: put it in EVERYTHING!  If you find something you can't mix your Natural Nutralean into, comment below - because we bet you won't find anything!!

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Nutritional information for one scoop of Natural Nutralean

xo Melanie